57mm Jade Bracelet Women Bangle Apple Green White Jadeite Untreated Natural Fine

   57mm Jade Bracelet Women Bangle Apple Green White Jadeite Untreated Natural Fine. 80.2mm/ 3.16" x Inner 57 mm/ 2.26", Thickness 11.6mm/ 0.45, weight 75.6 g. Natural Burmese apple green white jadeite(two tone). Inner-outer round smooth shape wristband, untreated undyed. Jade (Sodium Aluminum Silicate), otherwise called "Burmese jade" or hard jade, is a jade that has the qualities of Agregate Microcrystalline clear, the hardness is at level 7, the refractive list is 1.66, has a polished brilliance until half Glass type, when radiating through, see the crease or edge of every gem Has ...

Genuine Jadeite Bangles Grade A Jade Bangle Green Gemstone Bracelet 4909 57mm

Purple Jade Bangle Myanmar Natural Jadeite Jewelry Hand Carved 57mm 4919

Green Lavender White Tri-color Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet Natural 57mm A723

   All natural Grade A jadeite jade bangle bracelet. It has bright green and lavender color! The color is guaranteed natural and it is a rare tri-color jadeite bangle. It is very smooth and fine. There are a couple of stonelines but they cannot be felt by finger touch. Please look at the pictures for details. 1 Size of the bangle: inner diameter 57mm, bangle width 13mm and thickness 8mm. 2 About the price: We set the price based on the jadeite quality. Discount has been given if there is a defect on the bangle, and we usually mention it in the description if there is any defect. The price ...

Chinese White & Green Jadeite Jade 57mm Bangle Bracelet (41.5 Grams, 2.75)

   Simple Chinese White & Green JADEITE Jade 57mm Bangle Bracelet. 1 piece of Mottled Off White & Celadon Green Jadeite Jade. Age unknown, likely 20th Century (Vintage to Modern). Total size / diameter approx. Inside wearable size / diameter of approx. Maximum wearable wrist length of approx. Good condition with minor wear & natural inclusions. (The inclusions / color lines look like cracks but they are not, it is stable). I do not know what grade of Jadeite this is or of it has been treated. Please view my other items. There are many more wonderful Asian pieces. ...

57mm Gray Yellow White Jade Bangle Grade A Untreated Natural Jadeite

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