Emerald Floral Green/red/icy Jadeite Jade 81-bead Necklace 18k White Gold Clasp

  Rich Emerald Floral Green/Red/White Jadeite Jade 81-Bead Necklace 18K Gold Clasp. Hong Kong Certified Old Type Rich Emerald Floral Green/Red Skin/Icy Jadeite Jade 81-Beaded Necklace with Solid 18K White Gold Clasp Total Weight: 164.52 ct. Best view to get the closest color is Apple products: iMac, iphone or ipad. They come out with the best result. We suggest NO Samsung products in our auctions please because their products don't show the actual color of our items in the pictures. Thank you very much for your attention. Up for sale is a gorgeous. Hong Kong certified 1980 made. Old type ...
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